The Perfect Transportation to a Resort

My boss asked me to handle the transportation for our annual employee retreat. There were 42 of us going this year, and we were all looking forward to this time away. It is a learning experience for us, but it is also a time for us to bond even more and just have some fun too. The fun never starts when we get to the resort though. It is nearly two hours away, and we always take a Platinum party limo bus. When we first started doing this six years ago, we all drove ourselves.

The next year, the owner of the company rented a bus, but it was not a limo bus. It was the kind where all the seats face forward, and they are not very comfortable either. He considered going back to all of us just carpooling there until someone mentioned taking a limo bus. We knew that cost was not really a factor for this event, so he had me look into it. I was expecting it to be pretty expensive, but it was actually quite reasonable! I liked what I saw, and I knew that my boss would too.

I showed him pictures of the inside of the limo bus, and he told me to book it. He didn’t even ask for a price, but I knew he would be pleased with that as well. That first year when we all took a limo bus to the resort was so much fun. I can see why they call it a party bus, because it definitely is that. We were all comfortable, and the interior was absolutely beautiful. We have been using the limo bus every year since then, and it is actually the perfect way to start our work week at the resort. When the week ends, it is also the perfect way to get back home!

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