Planning Hiking Trips Around Weather

No matter what type of trip you are trying to plan, knowing the weather is very important. The same goes for a hike; in fact, it is even more crucial for you to know the weather for great outdoor living trips, since you will be spending hours or even days in the great outdoors. When planning your hiking trip, it is important that you know the temperature and weather beforehand. This will help you to determine what to store in your backpack for your great outdoor living experience. One of the biggest mistakes that a hiker can make is to take weather for granted. Don’t ever believe that just because it was bright and sunny when you left your home that it will stay that way or that it is the same in another location you are planning to hike to.

Another common mistake that great outdoor living activists make is thinking that walking is walking, no matter what weather or condition it is. Keep in mind that hiking along in clear conditions on easy terrains isn’t the same as walking on that terrain during different conditions and temperatures. Trails can turn into mud or ice, and many other things can change about the great outdoors due to weather. It is important that you understand this, so that you can be prepared for the new conditions you will be traveling in. Make sure to store proper gear, clothing and first aid kit in your backpack.

Before leaving out on your great outdoor living escapade, you should contact local authorities in order to find out the weather characteristics of that location. Every area has different weather patterns, so it is best that you find this out beforehand, so that you know what’s in store for your trip. Some areas have conditions that change rapidly and unexpectedly, leaving hikers vulnerable during their great outdoor living experience. To avoid this, you can call the local authorities on the day you head out — ask them for a weather prediction for the next few hours or days, depending on how long your great outdoor living adventure will be.

If you are planning on hiking in areas of the great outdoors that requires you to climb high altitudes, keep in mind that the higher up you go, the colder it will be. About every 1000 meters you climb, the temperature drops around six degrees. Of course, there are various conditions that can change this rule. Your best bet is to contact local authorities for further information about the conditions of your climb. You may also be able to find websites for certain areas you plan to have your great outdoor living trips.

While you’re out on your hike, keep an eye on the weather. There will be signs if bad conditions are coming. For instance, you can look at the clouds, such as their direction, speed and the way that they’re moving. Is the wind picking up speed? If you see rapid changes in the way the clouds and wind are acting, then these are signs that the conditions are about to change.


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